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Cold Storages

Pyramid Cold Storages

Pyramid Logistics Group have own Cold Storages, to facilate to all our customers for Perishable Goods  specialy Afghan Transcit Trade and Centrial Asian Counties.

Cold Storages Facilities

We being an agrarian country produce bulk of the fresh vegetables, fruits & poultry. Regrettably a big chunk of it is lost due to various reasons, mainly being scarce of cold storage at our ports.
While we are planning to establish a chain of proper processing / logistics of our fresh agriculture produce from orchards to markets, Pyramid Terminal Karachi is the 1st step towards destiny of delivering Pakistan’s Fresh Fruits & Vegetables to International Markets in shortest times.

Since our ports lack the cold storage facilities, Pyramid plans to build a state of the art COLD STORAGE of approx: 12,000 m.tons at this terminal to cater the needs of the trade.

A substantial No of transit imports to Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan & Kyrgyzstan are presently being handled by our competitor’s ports of Iran & Turkey, as they enjoy facility of huge Cold Storages near their ports.

Establishment of Pyramid’s Cold Storage is also an Endeavour to support the country’s ports to attract such perishables (Refrigerated) transit imports.

We really thank all our friends who participated in the inauguration ceremony. We wish all our supporters the best.

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